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About Patel Scientific Corp.

20 Years as a field service engineer and technical sales representative for Rheometrics ® has given Jayesh (Jay) Patel both the broad and the specific picture of rheometers and rheology.

A hands-on engineer with deep experience in the use, operation, limitations, quirks, and problems of rheometers, Jay not only knows rheometers and viscometers, and thermal analyzers, but he knows how to get the most out of them for as long as possible.

Just prior to the January 2003 sale of the core assets (Rheology, Viscometry and Thermal Analysis business) of Rheometrics ® to Waters LLC, Jay took his substantial experience in rheology/rheometers/thermal analyzers and their application and day-to-day use, and started Patel Scientific Corporation with the main purpose of helping those customers who own many of the older generation instruments.

Patel Scientific Corporation is dedicated to top-notch service and maintenance of rheometers as well as sales of new and used equipment and parts.

Patel Scientific is located about 3 miles from the old Rheometrics ® headquarters building in Piscataway NJ. (Now demolished)

* Rheometrics ® is a registered trade-mark of their respective owner and we are not affiliated with them.