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Which Rheometrics/Polymer Labs instruments can you repair or maintain?
We can repair/calibrate/maintain any model of Rheometric Scientific (Rheometrics) instruments listed below:

Rotational Viscometers
   RheoMat RM-180

Rotational Rheometers:
   RDS-7700 (Version 11)
   RMS-605 (Version 11)
   RFS-8400 or RFS-8500 (Version 11)
   RDA-700 (Version 11)
   RDS-2 (Version 10 and Version 11)
   RMS-800 (Version 10 and Version 11)
   RDA-2 (Any Version)
   RFS-2 (Any Version)
   RSA-2 (Version 5 and below)
   ARES (Any Version, YES we support Version 1 through 4 also)
   Dynamic Stress Rheometer Models SR-200, SR-500, SR-2000 and SR-5000 (Any Version)
   Universal Stress Rheometer Model SR-5 (Any Version)

Thermal Analyzers
       All versions of DMTA-3E ,Model: DMTA-4, or Model DMTA-5

   DSCs (Polymer Labs (PL) or Rheometric Scientific (RS) Models

   Polymer Labs or Rheometric Scientific Models:
      TGA-1000 or TGA-1500 (with SID2 or SID3 Controllers)

Do you sell any fixtures and tools for the old Rheometers or Viscometers?
YES, we gladly make any special (or standard) tools/fixtures for your older (or newer) Rheometer or Viscometer. We use the finest of the design criteria and use the accurately machined fixtures to maintain the high accuracy of the data which you have been accustomed to rely on. We also carry many types of brand new spindles for RheoMat 180 Viscometers.

Do you offer rheology sevices?
YES, we can offer on-site (at your facility) Rheology training, Rheology Seminars, as well as customized Application Training for your specific materials using your specific Rheometer model. In addition to this, we can offer in-house (at our facility) training on any Rheometer mentioned in the supported instrument list with the basic software training. We add a special touch to all our on-site training by giving to you a mini preventive maintenance/calibration free of charge. (Parts are extra).

What type of used equipment and parts do you have to support your customers?
For Rheology, we carry used RMS-800, RDA-2 as well as two almost new SR-5 (Two different configurations). We also have several self made Test Chassis for various Rheometers such as ARES and RMS-800 and RDA-2/RFS-2 and RSA-2 for support and service of Rheometer PC Boards. In addition to the rheometers mentioned above, we also carry three Three different models of DMTA (DMTA-3E, DMTA-4 and DMTA-5) all of which are almost brand new. We also carry all new Power supplies, Fans, Filters which are crucial to the basic operation of any older Rheometer.

Do you service other manufacturers rheometers? Generally we do not support/service other manufacturer's instruments. However we have years of experience in servicing and design input to many of the instruments. So if you have any specific Rheometer or Thermal Analyzer which is not listed in this web site, please give us a call or send an email with specific details and we will advise you accordingly. If the problems are simple such as Power supplies, heating circuits etc. we can certainly help you. If we are not able to fix the instrument you have, we will try to put you in touch with some knowledgeable 'independent' service organizations like ours.

Is there anything else you'd like to let me know?
Using our experience, knowledge and our own in-house built test chassis as well as our instruments, we can continue to support you for at least next ten (10) years for the so-called "Proprietary Parts". To minimize the down time for our Service Contract customers, we gladly offer loaner assemblies of critical items such as Servo Motors or transducers. As of October 2003, we have invested over $125,000 in the new and used capital goods inventory to support our customers. No other Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) other 'independent' service organization has invested this type of capital for support of the older equipment.